Till 2014, the process of applications was slightly different, all the occupational categories were divided in two groups, one group contained list of those occupations (along with NOC) which were considered to be "more in demand" and candidates

who had work experience in any of those "more in demand" occupations could apply,  provided the application met the selection criteria (the famous six selection factors), scored 67 points and the quota for the category still had vacancies, when applying under this group, there was no requirement to have a valid job offer from a Canadian Employer (a valid job offer meant and still means a positive opinion from Service Canada about the Labour Market Impact Assessment, previously also known as Labour Market Opinion or Arranged Employment Opinion).

Only a limited number of applications were accepted under each category per year.
The second group had no quota, anyone who had a valid job offer from a Canadian Employer, (provided the job offer was in NOC 0, A or B level) could apply, still the applicant had to score a minimum of 67 points, but because of the valid job offer added 15 points in the total (10 for Arranged Employment and 5 under the Adaptability factor due to Arranged Employment) meeting the minimum score of 67 was easier for such applicants. And those candidates who were scoring less points in Age, Education or Language, could easily make their total as 67.

For many years above system stayed in vogue, there was major complain of candidates, the processing time was getting longer and longer, the increase in waiting time, basically put lot of applications at stake, specially, those who applied with a valid job offer, but the processing of the applications took couple of years so eventually the employers who initially showed intention to hire an individual started retrieving their offers.
Discussions and preparations were happening to introduce a new more effective system, to reduce the processing time, and bring talented professionals in Canada faster to assist the employer's needs and to speed up Canadian Economy.
Starting from January 2015, Canada has introduced Express Entry System, details about this are available in our Express Entry section, the source of all this information is the Canadian Official Website, however, just for your ease, the same are provided on our website as well.

Now the question arises, if we have a separate section for Express Entry then Federal Skilled Worker, should have been covered under the same, but the reason of explaining the Federal Skilled Category here is to convey the actual concept of this stream, Express Entry is a system of intake of application, those applications still have to meet the basic criteria of the stream under which a candidate is intending to apply, such as Federal Skilled Woraker, Trade Worker, Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Streams. Hence, this section is about Federal Skilled Category.





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